Loan Programs

A variety of lending options for your real estate and construction needs

Construction Loans

For builders and homeowners thinking of doing custom or spec construction

The LGC construction loan is fast, flexible and underwritten with common sense. We have over 30 years of construction experience in financing projects. We partner with builders to help them grow their business and homeowners to build their dream house. Come chat with us about your next project and see how easy it can be.

Rehab Loans

For investors that are thinking fix and flip or homeowners looking for home improvement

The LGC rehab loan is designed to maximize profits for investors on real estate investment. Partnering with LGC not only ensures quick reliable funding but also our experienced underwriting helps evaluate potential deals. We also cater to homeowners, who love their current home but have the need to enhance their property in order to stay long-term.

Bridge Loans

For builders, homeowners, and investors looking to bridge the gap

The LGC bridge loan provides our clients with quick short-term financing to acquire real estate. The timing on a bridge loan is critical to any acquisition and nobody understands that better than LGC. Time is money and LGC can show you how our performance can create opportunity acquisitions that aren’t otherwise there.

Mezz Loans

For builders with great projects that just need a little additional capital

The LGC mezz loan is set up to provide additional equity in order to sponsor builders on new ground up construction. We partner with local builders to complete profitable projects by leveraging LGC’s capital base. This allows builders to start construction quicker as they are not waiting on existing projects to sell out. Let us show you the power of the LGC mezz loan.

Residential Mortgage Loans

For homeowners and investors looking for the best long-term financing solution

The LGC residential mortgage loan program provides investors and homeowners with the lowest interest rates for long-term financing. Placing your residential mortgage has never been easier than the streamlined process at LGC. Take advantage of the lowest market rates while utilizing an innovative mortgage process that saves you time and money.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

For builders, investors and business owners, let us help you place your commercial real-estate loan

The LGC commercial loan program allows us to shop between some of the most competitive banks locally to place your long- or short-term commercial loan. LGC has significant relationships with local banks to place anything from a construction loan to a refinance of a multifamily property. Instead of looking for new relationships come and leverage off of legacy’s already established ones.