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Generate Referrals and Close More Deals

Partnering with Legacy Group Capital can open new doors for Mortgage Loan Officers (MLOs) who are looking to close more transactions and grow their business. Our platform offers a wealth of advantages, empowering MLOs to expand their loan product offerings and enabling valuable relationships with referral partners. Let’s explore how working with Legacy can guide MLOs towards success in the competitive mortgage market.

Access to Specialized Loan Products

Traditional mortgage financing institutions often have limitations when it comes to unconventional loan types like short-term construction loans or bridge loans. With Legacy, MLOs gain access to a collection of specialized loan products, enabling them to close more deals and cater to a broader range of client needs. Saying “yes” to clients becomes easy with Legacy’s loan portfolio, positioning MLOs as versatile professionals capable of providing comprehensive financial solutions.

Attract More Referral Partners

Partnering with Legacy can introduce MLOs to a network of valuable referral partners. By leveraging our platform’s unique value propositions, MLOs can capture the interest of builders, real estate agents, and other industry leaders. Legacy actively purchases land from real estate agents, creating an opportunity for collaboration that benefits all parties involved. We also specialize in sourcing lucrative deals for builders, offering not only capital but also additional services such as permitting and bookkeeping. While Legacy can provide short-term construction financing, there’s a crucial need for a take-out loan for the finished product. This presents an opportunity for MLOs to cultivate relationships with builders and agents to position themselves as preferred lenders, while expanding business avenues in the process.

Streamlined Process and Efficient Financing

At Legacy, we pride ourselves on our fast and flexible lending platform. Our streamlined process ensures quick and efficient financing, saving time and money for both MLOs and their clients. Whether it’s a construction loan, bridge loan, or rehab financing, we offer creative solutions that go beyond standard guidelines.

Ready to explore the opportunity of partnering with Legacy Group Capital? Reach out today to learn more about how our platform can empower you to expand your business, access specialized loan products and cultivate valuable relationships with referral partners. Contact us now to get started.

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