Legacy Group Capital

A Morning of Market Insights: Legacy Group Capital at the MBAKS Economic Breakfast

Legacy Group Capital recently had the privilege of returning as the presenting sponsor of the MBAKS Economic Breakfast. This event offers an incredible opportunity for the local homebuilding industry to gain insights into the economic landscape and anticipate what lies ahead in the upcoming year. Economist and Futurist Jason Schenker delivered an insightful address, covering topics ranging from the US labor market to inflation trends and Fed policy rates, providing attendees with a comprehensive outlook for the months ahead.

In addition to the Jason’s presentation, Legacy CEO Scott Rerucha took the stage to emphasize Legacy’s role in community building through partnerships with builders like those in the audience. Legacy not only sources deals for builders but also assists with permitting, provides lending services, offers bookkeeping services and provides a variety of other valuable resources.

Thank you to those who took time to visit our table. Special congratulations go out to Jeff, the winner of our business card drop, and Vasili, who made an impressive guess of 550 nails in our contest—the correct answer was 473!

Our participation in events like the MBAKS Economic Breakfast is a testament to our shared values of supporting builders and actively addressing the housing needs in the greater Seattle area. This partnership allows us to contribute meaningfully to the industry’s growth and the betterment of our community.

Builders looking for more ways to grow their business are encouraged to visit our builders page and learn how Legacy can support you. Let’s continue working together towards a brighter future for our industry and the communities we serve.

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