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MLO – Shannon Kershaw

Shannon Kershaw

NMLS #: 111806

Shannon Kershaw

Get to know Shannon

Shannon Kershaw has been a friendly face in the residential lending scene for over twenty years, using her vast experience, exceptional eye for detail, and strong leadership skills to earn a solid reputation as a trusted advisor. Shannon has approached her professional journey with a heart full of dedication.

Shannon spearheads strategic business growth in her current position at Legacy Group Capital. She nurtures client relationships, enriches program development, and personally mentors her teams with a unique touch.

As a founding member of Legacy Group Capital, Shannon cherishes her vital role in developing the programs and guidelines that shaped the “Legacy” we all recognize and appreciate today.

Growing up with a father who was a builder and now being married to one, Shannon has seen firsthand how vital the building industry is. Shannon likes to personally connect with each client, empathizing with their situation like it’s her own. Walking with them through the home loan process, she can’t help but feel their enthusiasm—it’s truly infectious.

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