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Spreading Joy to the Washington Community: Legacy Group Capital Food Drive

To honor the spirit and generosity during the holiday season, Legacy Group Capital partnered with Northwest Harvest to host a Food Drive throughout December 2023. With a mission to make a meaningful difference in the Washington community, Legacy, alongside numerous generous contributors, exceeded all initial expectations.

The Food Drive began with a modest ambition – to collect 200 items for donation to support families facing food insecurity during the holiday season. However, the response surpassed all anticipation.

Fueled by a shared commitment to give back, the collective efforts of the team, partners, and friends surpassed the initial target with fervor. Their dedication led to a remarkable donation of over 550 essential items and a $100 cash contribution, nearly doubling the original goal.

Inspired by their incredible achievements, Legacy Group Capital didn’t stop there. Empowered by their community’s generosity, they raised the bar, setting a new goal of 500 items—a testament to their unwavering commitment to make a lasting impact.

Partnering with Northwest Harvest—an organization striving to improve food system equity—Legacy helped contribute to over 400 food banks across Washington. Northwest Harvest envisions an accessible, adequate, and appropriate food supply for all.

However, beneath these statistics lies a jarring reality: despite Washington’s status as the fourth-highest GDP state nationally, it ranks 37th in food insecurity. Shockingly, 1 in 12 Washingtonians live below the poverty line, while 1 in 12 households grapple with daily hunger. For many neighbors, making ends meet remains an ongoing challenge, according to Northwest Harvest.

Legacy Group Capital extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported and contributed to this incredible journey. Their commitment affirms the belief that collective efforts can foster change and aid our local community.

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