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Ginnell Hellhake

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Ginnell Hellhake

Get to know Ginnell

Ginnell Hellhake has moved about much of the Western United States. She has ultimately taken up residency on the shores of the beautiful Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho. Ginnell loves everything the West offers: river rafting, hiking, camping, backpacking, narrow valleys, slot canyons, wide open spaces, and a big, big sky. Ginnell is most proud of her loving family, which includes her husband, two daughters, one ornery cat, and one dopey-happy labrador retriever.

Ginnell takes immense pride in her extensive 18+ years of real estate and lending expertise. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, she sought a career as dynamic as the Western terrain she adores. Lending perfectly aligns with her aspirations with its capacity to foster connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds and ever-evolving circumstances. Ginnell finds joy in tailoring solutions to match each client’s distinctive needs. Whether you’re exploring lending options or seeking advice, she welcomes the opportunity to assist you. Feel free to reach out anytime to discuss your current lending needs and discover the optimal solution for your unique situation.

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